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120 Lake Rd, Silverlake, Washington  98645
With new ownership, Streeter's Resort would love to get to know you. Bring your RV or stay at one of our Cabins. We have lake front sites! You can come to fish or rent one of our kayaks or paddle boards. Feel free to contact us.

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Streeter's Resort Policies

Store/Office 360-967-2318
Peak: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Non-Peak: On–Call 360-967-2318

RV-Tent-Cabin Check-in: 2:30 PM
RV-Tent-Cabin Check-out: 1:00 PM
For late arrivals, please notify park in advance

• Children are welcome with an accompanying adult
• Children age 16 and under stay free
• Pets are welcome, please see our detailed Park Policy for more Pet information

Site Guarantee: We attempt to honor all site requests but we must maximize space in the park, especially during our short peak season. We guarantee site TYPE, but we cannot guarantee specific site number(s) to any guest. If you have any questions, please contact the office at any time.


We take "deposits" for reservations, and require a valid credit card on file at all times in order to hold a reservation for you.

Rate changes MAY occur from the time of your original booking, if you have booked the previous year. We allow guests to book up to one year in advance. Rate adjustments (if needed) are made in December for the following year. Reservations made for a stay in the same calendar year will not have any rate adjustments applied.

Cabins-RV-Tent Sites The credit card on file will be charged for the entire balance 1-3 days prior to your arrival date and is NON-REFUNDABLE back to your credit card on file, regardless of season. See below for detailed cancellation policy.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Any reservation that is cancelled and due a refund shall be charged a $10.00 cancellation fee.

PEAK Season, RV-Tent-Cabin sites; We have a ZERO REFUND POLICY for Peak Season Reservations, Peak Season is May 15th through September 15. These reservations are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE !! Guests will not be issued a credit for a cancellation of these bookings. If booked in the previous calendar year for the next season, payment is required by January 31st of the following year.

NON Peak Season RV-Tent-Cabin SITES: We have a tiered 14 day cancellation policy on any reservation for RV-Tent-Cabin sites. This policiy applies to only NON Peak season reservations. To avoid any charges,(other than the $10.00 processing fee) the cancellation must occur at least 14 days prior to the start date of your reservation. Cancellation between 8 days and 13 days prior to arrival will have the credit card on file charged for 50% of the total reservation, regardless of the length of stay (maximum 30 days of charges) Cancellation of an RV-Cabin-Tent site with 7 days or less notice from your scheduled arrival date bears a 100% responsibility for the entire reservation and this amount is non refundable!

We send email reminders of your reservation prior to the start of your reservation to assist you with your vacation plans. Please check your reservation carefully to ensure that you know your arrival and departure dates. Refunds are not given for unused portions of a reservation due to early check out after you have arrived at the park.

ALL CANCELLATION REQUESTS MUST BE RECEIVED VIA EMAIL so that we have a record of the request. We will send you a confirmation of a cancellation via email for your records. If you do not receive a cancellation email, it is your responsibility to contact us by phone to ensure that your reservation has been cancelled and request the email cancellation notice.

CANCELLATION DUE TO HOSPITALIZATION, ILLNESS, or DEATH IN THE FAMILY: Should a guest become so ill that they cannot travel or require hospitalization before their scheduled arrival or during their stay, the owners will consider waiving all fees if the request would incur any type of cancellation fees. We will require an official doctor's note or proof of hospitalization in order to waive all cancellation fees. If a guest has a death of an immediate family member, the owners will waive all fees if the request would incur any type of cancellation fees. A copy of the obituary will be required for a waiver of all cancellation fees.

CANCELLATION DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER IN THE AREA: This is effective ONLY for the dates of October 1st-May 1st. Should you need to cancel your reservation due to inclement weather in our specific region that has resulted in the Washington Department of Transportation advising against road travel to our specific area, we will cancel the reservation at no charge to the guest IF THE GUEST CALLS OR EMAILS with a cancellation. Charges will be applied to the card on file if the guest "no shows" or does not call to cancel their reservation.


Late Arrivals: RV-Tent-Cabin reservations will need to telephone our office during regular office hours to let us know what time you expect to arrive, If you fail to call, you will not be able to access your cabin until the following morning when our office opens, and you will be charged for the night’s stay.

Please renew your site by 9:00 AM if you are staying another day. Additional charges will be incurred for late departures. No refunds for early departure or adverse weather.

All visitors must check in at the office.

Speed limit is 5 MPH within the park at all times! This is for everyone's safety and to keep the park a pleasant environment for all of our guests. If you are stopped for speeding, we will kindly remind you to follow the posted signs and reduce your speed.

RV site includes RV + 1 vehicle and trailer. No more than two vehicles are allowed on a site at any time. Additional vehicles will be charged $5/night and are subject to available space in the park. If your trailer is too large to fit into your site, please ask us about available overflow trailer parking and we will be glad to assist you.

Outdoor gazebos are allowed in your RV site, as long as they do not interfere with adjacent sites. Be advised that these must be tied down securely, as we have strong winds in the park during all seasons.

One additional tent for sleeping, may be set up in some RV/Cabin sites. Verify prior to making reservations

Pets are allowed, $5.00 per pet, MAX 2, they must be kept quiet and leashed at all times when walking through our park or outside of your RV. Do not leave your pet outside or in a cabin unattended!

Note: Pets may not be left unattended in the cabin period, no exceptions!
Clean up after your pet immediately! We want to keep the park nice for all of guests. If you or your guests are observed by Streeters RV Park owners or staff to be in violation of our pet policies, one verbal warning will be issued. A second violation of our policies will result in an immediate eviction from the park with no refund.

We have designated fire pits at each site, DO NOT MOVE the fire pits!
Wood burning campfires are permitted in the park in designated fire pits, unless accompanied by severe high winds in the area. Propane fire pits, charcoal grills, and wood pellet grills are permitted. * (unless Cowlitz County has deemed any fire restrictions for the season).

• No excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages
• Please do not damage the trees or shrubbery
• Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM
• Doughnut gasket or threaded 90-degree angle/elbows must be used on all sewer hook-ups
• Please place your trash into the red dumpster trailer that is centrally located in the RV Park behind restroom\laundry room
• Do not leave any trash outside, as we do occasionally have visits from raccoons and other animals

PLEASE make sure that all members of your group are aware of how to operate the fixtures that we offer, including: Toilets, Sink faucets, Towel dispenser and garbage cans etc., it is preferred that children be accompanied by a responsible party to assist in keeping the restrooms clean and tidy for other guests!

Please secure your own valuables. The park is not responsible for loss or theft. The park is not responsible for any accidents or injuries resulting in or around the park.

Cozy rustic cabins for that perfect get-a-way! A valid credit card is required on file for all cabin rentals. While in the cabins, please remember the following:
• NO SMOKING in the cabin or on the deck of the cabin. Smoking is allowed only out doors. Cleanup is required!
• If evidence / observation of violating the smoking policy, a $50.00 fee will be added to your bill
• No grilling on the deck of cabin, you may use your portable grill on the grass or the picnic table
• No cooking in the cabins
• Do not leave the doors open or remove the screens, as it will attract bugs and possibly animals into the cabin
• Lock all of the doors when you leave the cabin for the day
• All items in the cabin are inventoried before your arrival and at your departure
• Missing items from the cabin will be charged back to your card on file

Although the cabins are cleaned for the next guests, we ask that you leave the cabin in good condition, as expected with any Airbnb Rental.
• Take all trash to the dumpster located behind the restrooms
• Do NOT remove mattress pads, unless they are soiled.
• Lock the door upon your departure and return your keys to store/office..
• Check out time is 1:00 p.m.


2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

At the time of booking, 50% of the reservation balance will be collected. Payment for all gift certificates will also be collected. Applies to: all reservations.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Children age 18 and under stay free. Pets are welcome. Clean up after your pets!! Pets to be maintained in your site, do not leave unattended in the cabins, refrain your pets from barking and aggressive behavior to other guests is not acceptable! If your pet causes problems you will be asked to leave!

Your credit card information is stored and processed securely.

Image may be subject to copyright